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    In order to play in GU3SS you must install TronLink, wallet extension for TRON blockchain

    You can bet on any event that has not started. Select the day of events and pick your team. A form will pop up with your selection where you will be able to enter any amount to bet. TronLink wallet will ask you to confirm your selection and amount, then your ticket will be stored in the blockchain

    You can't play on past events. If you try to bet on an event past the starting time the ticket will be invalidated

    You can redeem your ticket if you selected the winning option once the event has finished and the scores confirmed, minus fees. If an event is cancelled or postponed, we will refund your ticket at full value


    Void where prohibited by law. We will provide the most accurate information for games of the day, malfunctions while providing that information are very unlikely but can happen. In such cases we will try to honor the best possible outcome or consider the result for that day invalid and refund all the plays. We are not responsible for any loss due to user mistakes while picking teams or sending payments, still we will provide all assistance necessary to make our play the best experience of all. All schedules and scores provided by mlb.com

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