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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is GU3SS?

    GU3SS is a decentralized betting platform developed on TRON Blockchain that allows you to bet on any imaginable sporting event

    What do I need to play?

    You need to install TRONLINK wallet in your browser or mobile phone in order to place bets using TRX, nothing else, no registration, no KYC, totally anonymous

    What sports can I bet on?

    Right now you can only bet on Major League Baseball, more sports will be available in the future like Soccer, Basketball, Football, Hockey, etc

    Is it on Mainnet or Testnet?

    Only Shasta Testnet for the moment as we finish the app, once ready we will move it to Mainnet

    When are scores updated?

    Scores are updated every day in the morning after the last game of the day has finished, usually around 3am EST

    What if I win?

    You can claim your winnings in 'My Tickets' section if you selected the winning team

    What if I lose?

    Nothing as we are in Testnet, you keep playing and having fun

    What if an event is cancelled or postponed?

    Your ticket will be refunded in full in 'My Tickets' section, no fees charged

    What are the fees?

    We take a 10% cut on every valid game after scores are updated

    How are odds calculated?

    Odds are calculated based on the stakes for each team, winner takes all. If team ONE has received 100 in bets and team TWO received 200, then the winner will take 300 minus fees

    Can I create my own pool?

    In GU3SS Version 2.0 everybody will be able to open pools for any imaginable event making it the only decentralized betting app in the world

    What if I have any other question?

    Just drop us a line at the Forum while we setup our social networks